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The E = MC^2 in your Coffee Drink


Coffee has lots of benefits to our body. It wake us up during the most important part of the day or it makes us relax in our chilling hours.

Coffee, however, can do also some harm in our body if consume too much or if we overload ourselves with sugar. And there’s palpitation and irregularity in our sleeping pattern consequence for it.

But regardless of how we consume coffee, we cannot deny the fact that it’s really good and addicting.

Here are some tips and tricks though how to enjoy this wonder potion:

1. Know instant Coffee, then switch to real ones

Instant coffee is found everywhere and is, honestly, super affordable. But they are not bad. They provide a sense of taste of real coffee, they keep you awake, boost your energy, and satisfy your flavored drink cravings.

However, since Instant Coffee has less caffeine than brewed, you’d feel like it doesn’t have that much of effect on you and you’ll ended up still sleepy after some period of time. As a result we tend to consume more, sip more and buy more; hence, caffeine and sugar overload.

Switching to real ones is the better choice to make the coffee more like an invigorating experience because, just like French pressed and filtered, they tend to have lesser fat, less sugar but more quality caffeine.

2. Experiment with Flavors and design

Plain black coffee is already superb, but adding more colors and design to it will make coffee more than a thirst quencher. It makes the coffee more exciting to drink and very beneficial, not just in our body but also the mind.

Coffee with milk and foam design gives an extra shot to stimulate our relaxation and it enhances our creative side. At some point, it makes us patient and more concern about its art, not to mention the appreciation of the skill of the barista who did it, by keeping the design until we finish the whole cup. It allows us not to feel in a hurry when sipping the hot beverages in one shot.

While the flavor reminds that there are wide varieties of coffee. Flavor helps us choose which tickles our taste buds the most and suit our personality. It’s easy learn how to make flavors out any ingredients with coffee. Either the simple milk and coffee combination or squirt of whip cream can be a perfect match for you.

3. If you say coffee it doesn’t mean it’s always hot.

Yeah, we’re aware of the Frapp and other blended beverages with coffee.

But why don’t you try coffee on the rocks? It gives kicks with lesser calories compare with those whipped or blended with milk. It’s a good booster without the worries of ingesting high calories.

4. Nap + Coffee = Energy

Yeah, you read it right. Caffeine usually kicks up 15 minutes after drinking it. So, why not indulge yourself with coffee right before you take your power nap, and you will see the kick it will give you once you open your eyes.

It’s a perfect recharging technique.

5. Workout + Coffee

Admit it! Coffee is the natural source of energy boosting caffeine, so instead of quenching yourself with energy drink before or after the workout, why not take something that’s natural yet potent source of energy-waking drink?


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