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Starbucks Stickers

It’s the start again of the craze! But don’t you think it isn’t economical to collect stickers from Starbucks for the sake of a planner?


Blog By: Tim Creamer
Ingleserong Best Friend ni Coffee/
Gummy Bear Lover/I’m planted here in the US


Coffee and I have been addicted to this ever since it started. I remembered that I gained convincing power to get my friends buying and collecting stickers for me, so as for Coffee. I also spent a lot of bucks for this sake, that’s why I got caffeine-intoxicated blood plus the love handles. But I still love drinking coffee so I guess it won’t really stop.

For those who don’t know, every last quarter of the year, Starbucks Philippines got this promotion of making their customers collect stickers in exchange for the upcoming year’s planner. In average, you will need to collect 18 stickers – 9 Christmas Edition Drinks and 9 core beverages. And usually, a coffee per cup price range is from 120 to 200* (it depends on sizes and add-ons). In total that’s roughly Php 2,160 to 3600* just to get a planner. And people are really biting it to the point they go to Starbucks every single day, and sometimes, take the long queue just to complete the stickers ASAP.

(*This is my own math. Price range could be lower or higher. It really depends on the drink and add-ons.)

Now, going back to the question, “Is it economical to collect stickers from Starbucks for the sake of a planner?”  What would be my answer?

The answer it depends.

  • For the solo buyer but occasional buyer, like me most of the time, I would say that getting this planner is really expensive, especially that if you know that there better journals/planners outside the Starbucks market.  The price of the planner on National Bookstore is around 300-1000 pesos, and it comes with different quality of papers and cover design. While the journals’ price range are cheaper depending on the type of materials too.  Of course, not unless you’re advocating the welfare of the coffee farmers in the planet and the battle against global warming, then this is perfectly fine.
  • For bulk buyers, like you have an office or school meeting and your friends and colleagues put the favor in you to get all the stickers in one shot, I would say that it’s a big saving. You will just need a better convincing power beforehand, because some of them might be collecting stickers too. I don’t see problem in here economically as long as you can have an agreement with them. For choosing a prey to convince, just victimize those who love Starbucks but not willing to collect stickers.
  • You’re an everyday customer like Anna Wintour and Starbucks is part of your strategic budget plan, then you will do just perfectly fine as well, financially speaking. No need to explain. Hahaha!


Since I assumed that I won’t be able to convince anyone to stop jiving to the craze, so I prepared some tips on how to get the planner in the cheapest and fastest way.

  • Study the menu – Get the cheapest coffee that you like. If not the cheapest purchase the tall size coffee. For core beverages, there’s some venti beverages that have same price as tall of other beverages. For example, Signature Hot Chocolate. It tastes good!
  • Wait for the 2x stickers – Don’t panic buy! Never did Starbucks forget to treat the dear customers with this promo.
  • Save the money, buy later – (This is connected to the 2x stickers.) Save the money until you have enough to buy all the stickers. Then wait for 2x. Then, once the promo starts — can have as much as 2 planners straight ahead. The problem is…who’s gonna drink all those coffee?
  • Buy online – Some heavy Starbucks drinker prefer to collect stickers but they don’t want the planner. They sell the planner instead in less price but without the coffee. Last time I checked, they are around Php 1,000.
  • Always prepare your ears during the counter – I don’t mean stay by the counter! But when you’re on queue, check the people ahead and next to you,  if they say they don’t collect stickers to the cashier, ask them the favor right away (without the hesitation!) to give their stickers to you, and for sure they will say “yes!”

Other tips:

  • If you just want to experience collecting sticker and drinking coffee and collecting planners, check out the other coffee shop that offer cheaper coffee and or easy to finish sticker collection. I bet there are plenty of stores doing the same as Starbucks.
  • Save money! You can buy better planners/journal if you sum the total you’ll spend at Starbucks.
  • If you don’t consistently use your old Starbucks Planners, it’s time to wake up baby! It’s better to save than spend thousands on this.



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