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Kape Shap Features – “Costa Coffee Philippines – BGC”

Welcome to the “Kape Shap Features” section of The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee.

As part of our New Year’s Resolution, we’re gonna feature cool Coffee Shops around the metro to check how their shops look like, what’s in their menu, how to get there, and taste a random-pick drink to get them rated.

First in our list, COSTA COFFEE at the 32nd Street, One World Place, Bonifacio City!!! (Yay!)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (1)

To start, I posted a screen grab from Google Maps to show where it’s exactly located. Landmarks I’ve seen: Open-field in front and construction right beside the One World Place Building. To get there going from Market-Market, just head straight-ahead to 32nd Street. (Click the photo below for a larger view).


I went to the shop 6PM rush hour and I was surprised that there were only few people in the shop. That’s why I didn’t get shy to take pictures right away when I enter.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (6)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (10)

And one of the things I first noticed was this giant telephone booth. I didn’t bother to check if the phone was working, but I swear it rings Superman in my head. (I should’ve gone inside!)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (5)

After I switched my attention from the phone booth, I noticed this lovely London-style family-size couch and indeed a warm message from the One World Place.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (9)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (4)

And right beside the mother couch, there goes the kids, climbing the elegant and also London-style chairs.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (11)

Since there was no queue, I had a short talk with the crews about the menu, and if you’re basing everything with Starbucks and Coffeebean’s price tag, you’ll surely love the prices of their coffee and blended drinks.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (2)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (7)

Yeah, they also have cakes and breads, and they look really mouth-watering.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (3)

For the drink, I wished to have the Mocha Italia (Original Blend) since I think it’s their bestseller; however, Milk and Coffee told me to try a different one. I chose the Raspberry and White Chocolate Cream!

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (8)

Coffee had it, though.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (13)

Meanwhile, Milk got his Americano drink. Both were awesome, according to them. Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (12)

Since Milk and Coffee captured the attention of the Costa Coffee, the crew liked our page on the spot. In return, each of them got #BecomeTZCAOMAC version.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (14)

If I were to rate Costa Coffee – One World Place, I will give them:

5 Coffee Cups for the Venue,  4 Coffee Cups for the Drinks, and 5 Coffee Cups for cool and friendly customer service.

(5 is the highest score, by the way.)

Hope you enjoy the quick and short tour at Costa Coffee – One World Place. Make sure you subscribe to The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee for more reviews on different coffee shops and for their Crazy Tagalog Comic adventures.

Thank you! #KapePaMore


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