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KAPE SHAP FEATURES – “LUNA Specialty Coffee”

I’m sorry guys! I’m a hour late. But just as promised, you can get the treat that you want today as a reward for working so hard on our Cosmic Caffeine Saga project. So get inside, give them your order and let’s get it on.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (1)

Okay! This is going to be the second coffee shop we’re visiting this year.  And we will be featuring…

Luna Specialty Coffee at NAC Tower 32nd Street BGC, Taguig City.


(Check the map below and see LUNA near center)


It’s quiet easy to locate this cozy Coffee Shop. The entrance actually is right beside the NAC Tower building, facing the open field. You’ll see right away the prominent Logo and the entrance where Milk and Coffee was sitting.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (3)

I have to commend, Milk and Coffee loved the industrial look of the coffee shop, most especially, the brick walls. We love it so much, we could not remove our eyes to details of the shop.

We’ve also found out that it isn’t just a coffee shop. Luna is convertible to a bar at night because they have Acoustic Nights (a.k.a Luna Sessions) and they offer beer in a certain time.

The space inside is good for small group gatherings because the place is kinda narrow and there are few long tables. But the ambiance is really, really good, and they have a bar.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (5)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (6)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (7)


At first glance, you would think that it’s an ordinary American or European coffee shop, selling the usual frapp and hot beverages. And I was surprised when I checked the MENU!

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (8)

OMG! I see FILIPINO goods in the menu!

From White Rabbit to Nougat and Scramble and the Carabao Milk — Almost similar to TZCAOMAC’s Kape Shap Menu. We’re like home~~~

The price just right. But if you think of the price of the Pinoy Candies you but in stores, it might give you a second thought. If you think about the concept and the “I-never-thought-of-that” ideas, you’d say the price is reasonable.

Anyways, looks like Milk and Coffee are enjoying to watch how the friendly baristas prepare their orders. Let’s see what they ordered.


First stop, the CHOCNUT cheesecake. If you love the real Chocnut or Hanybar or Honey Coins, YOU GOT TO TRY THIS!  And I’m a fan myself, that’s why I love this delicious creation!

Sweetness is just right, you’ll order more.


Meanwhile, the order arrives. Coffee got the Salted Caramel Scramble — the one with Carabao Milk ice cream — and Milk got White Rabbit Hug Me Cappuccino with Free bite size Hopia.

Both are good. Both the kids are satisfied.



Now, the score:

(1 = Lowest; 5 = Highest)


Above average because we considered the uniqueness and surprise factor of the flavors’ theme and, of course, the very Filipino touch of the menu.

Although I mentioned that it lacks space, I think it’s great for me — it won’t be overcrowded. You can do senti here in the morning and have a romantic date by night.

Customer Service is simply fantastic.



If you guys want to recommend cool coffee shops around Metro Manila, please send us an email (milkandcoffeeadventures[at] or comment on this post, so we can give them a surprise visit.


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