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Coffee Appreciation Festival by Starbucks

Hi Guys! I’m back and I’m writing again for TZCAOMAC!

Blog By: Tim Creamer
The Other Best Friend ni Coffee/
Gummy Bear Lover/Finally in the Philippines

I grew up during the times when instant coffee ruled our morning mugs. It was the default coffee of everyone in the house. I remembered my grandma telling me that I needed only to put half of the spoon, because unlike Choco powder, it was stronger. Well, it’s true. You put a full tablespoon of powdered coffee in your mug, and you’ll have problems with a horsing palpitation next.

I learned about brewing only when I graduated high school and went to college and met Starbucks.


Anyways, last weekend, I brought Milk and Coffee to the Starbuck’s event called the “Coffee Appreciation Festival”. It was a 2-day weekend event that featured the origin and information about coffee.  It was held at Grand Atrium, Main Wing Shangri-la Plaza.

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The event required us to take the journey from knowing the legend behind coffee, how the coffee plant looks like, the difference of beans, where coffee came from, how you to brew coffee without the machine up to what are the rare coffee Starbucks is offering.
Of course, there are lots of people who attended the opening. The first 500 who got there and complete the journey were awarded by Starbucks loot bag.


The Journey

We were given a Coffee Exploration Journey checklist for us to know where to go. There were 7 stations.


1st stop: Story of Coffee – Here, they told us about Kaldi, a legendary Ethiopian goatherd, who discovered the coffee plant. I learned from here that coffees are like humans, they blossom every 9 months, regardless of what season.


2nd stop: Types of Coffees – this station allowed us to discover the different beans, like how the dried coffee cherries look like and how it is different from the Coffee beans with parchment and etc.


3rd stop: Growing Region – this took us to different parts of the world and how the taste of coffee from Latin America, Africa/Arabia and South-East Asia are different from one another. I discovered also that mostly of the coffees grow in highlands, like the mountains.


4th stop: Starbucks Roast – if you’re a fan of coffee products, you probably know what to see in this station. Here they told us the difference of the Blonde Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast. Ate told Milk a secret that they use Dark Roast for their espresso.


5th stop: Home Brewing – This is, for me, the main event of the journey. Here, they told us about brewing coffee without the use of machine. Not only did I learn about brewing, but I gained knowledge about The Four Fundamentals of brewing Coffee.


  1. Water – it should be pure, otherwise, it’ll affect the taste of your drink
  2. Proportion – You need to remember that you have to measure the right amount of coffee that you’ll be mixing to capture the great taste.
  3. Grind – Here, Kuya Lheo told us that you can’t just pick whatever coffee you want. You may ask the barista which coffee grind is the best for your brewery. You need to tell them whether you’re using a machine, a ceramic brewery or press; because the coffee grind’s characteristic must match the brewing method you’ll use.
  4. Freshness – this was referring to how to take care of your grind coffee. Because whenever you expose your coffee to a different environment, it’d affect its taste.



6th stop: Flavors of Coffee – in this station, they had us tasted the coffee made out of beans from CoLombia. They gave us an idea that coffee, just like wine, we can partner it with other food to taste better even without sugar. This was a cool discover especially for Big Coffee. Hahaha!


7th stop: Starbucks Reserve – Lastly, Starbucks treated us with a cup of rare coffee, which are available only in limited time at the 4 branches here in the Metro Manila.


After completing the Journey, Milk and Coffee finally got the exclusive Coffee Explorer Kit.



There were also a Coffee Art program where they’ve taught and shown people Chalk Art and Live Coffee Painting. Unfortunately, Milk and Coffee weren’t able to grab this chance because we had a scheduled movie day to watch the “cape crusader”.



All in all, we really enjoyed the event a lot. It was very educational and very suitable for Coffee Lovers like us. Hopefully, more events like this from different coffee shops here in the Philippines.

See you soon on our next post!

— Tim Creamer.



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