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Vol. 01 No. 61 – “Summer Edition – 02”

(Click image for a larger view.)


Hay nako! This is me on LaBoracay. I just simply don’t like flying kasi. I hate my ears popping due to pressure. It’s a bit painful. Pero mas ayokong mag-RORO, matagal!

Anywas, hope you’re enjoying your summer. But INGAT ng bongga sa heat ah! We have Hot Weather Tips on Facebook, read it for your safety. Just click here.


Subaybayan ang makulit na tagalog comic adventures nina Milk and Coffee, dito lang sa TZCAOMAC. I-click ito para sa buong Volume 1 sa facebook: Volume 1

Basahin din ang umaatikabong bakbakan sa Cosmic Caffeine Saga sa link na ito: Cosmic Caffeine Saga



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