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Milk, Coffee and Caricatures

If you’re a follower of our Instagram account (@milkandcoffeeadventures), you’ve probably seen the other TZCAOMAC projects. These are the caricature and logo design. These project don’t just give me enough time to think of stories to write but also it’s my other mean to earn money using my beloved talent to draw.

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Taong Pinaglihi sa Kape, Kulay Kape
At Lasang Kape (Well!)/Creator of TZCAOMAC

The caricatures aren’t actually the regular caricatures that you’re seeing in the internet. They are based on how my characters in ‘The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee’ look like — without nose, button eyes and they are big headed (literally). Check these samples:
This is Ash and Misty of the Pokemon anime series:
Milk_and_coffee_comics_Caricature_01 Milk_and_coffee_comics_Caricature_03
Maddie Ziegler (from The Greatest music video):

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What’s Inside the Bigger Coffee?

In a short period of time, I was able to hide myself in a piece of heart-shaped shades. I was able to reinvent myself, become more fashionable, and I have created a new identity both reality and in cartoon world!

The feeling is somehow amazing because I feel like my identity is kept safe, despite the fact that I’m trying to make my artworks prominent in the internet. Because of this heart-shaped shades I bought from a known designer shades manufacturer, I feel more comfortable being myself in this field of art.

Before I created TZCAOMAC, especially my mini me Coffee, I’ve created a couple of drawings that I can consider the expressions of myself inside, bursting in colors.


My Universe 2

My Universe 1


If Coffee is the comedian side of me, these drawings are the dramatic side. They are the story of me being a hybrid introvert.

I’m continuing to create more art out of this identity. I will post it every now and then, and maybe I’ll wish that you like them too.


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