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Coffee Appreciation Festival by Starbucks

Hi Guys! I’m back and I’m writing again for TZCAOMAC!

Blog By: Tim Creamer
The Other Best Friend ni Coffee/
Gummy Bear Lover/Finally in the Philippines

I grew up during the times when instant coffee ruled our morning mugs. It was the default coffee of everyone in the house. I remembered my grandma telling me that I needed only to put half of the spoon, because unlike Choco powder, it was stronger. Well, it’s true. You put a full tablespoon of powdered coffee in your mug, and you’ll have problems with a horsing palpitation next.

I learned about brewing only when I graduated high school and went to college and met Starbucks.


Anyways, last weekend, I brought Milk and Coffee to the Starbuck’s event called the “Coffee Appreciation Festival”. It was a 2-day weekend event that featured the origin and information about coffee.  It was held at Grand Atrium, Main Wing Shangri-la Plaza.

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Coffee Shops

KAPE SHAP FEATURES – “LUNA Specialty Coffee”

I’m sorry guys! I’m a hour late. But just as promised, you can get the treat that you want today as a reward for working so hard on our Cosmic Caffeine Saga project. So get inside, give them your order and let’s get it on.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (1)

Okay! This is going to be the second coffee shop we’re visiting this year.  And we will be featuring…

Luna Specialty Coffee at NAC Tower 32nd Street BGC, Taguig City.


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Coffee Shops

Kape Shap Features – “Costa Coffee Philippines – BGC”

Welcome to the “Kape Shap Features” section of The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee.

As part of our New Year’s Resolution, we’re gonna feature cool Coffee Shops around the metro to check how their shops look like, what’s in their menu, how to get there, and taste a random-pick drink to get them rated.

First in our list, COSTA COFFEE at the 32nd Street, One World Place, Bonifacio City!!! (Yay!)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (1)

To start, I posted a screen grab from Google Maps to show where it’s exactly located. Landmarks I’ve seen: Open-field in front and construction right beside the One World Place Building. To get there going from Market-Market, just head straight-ahead to 32nd Street. (Click the photo below for a larger view).

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Coffee Shops

Starbucks: 6750 Ayala


This is one of the busiest Starbucks I know in the middle of Makati, yet it’s also the best one I’ve ever seen in the Metro.

Blog By: Coffee

Taong Pinaglihi sa Kape, Kulay Kape
At Lasang Kape (Well!)/Creator

If you know Glorietta and you are always passing by Ayala Avenue, or if you just so happened that you’re a Makati kid, you probably know this Starbucks branch. If not, it’s located at 6750 Building, which is erected along Ayala Avenue, Makati City. Just turn at the Parking and Office Drives,  and it’s easy to spot this.

Unang beses kong napuntahan ang Starbucks na ito when I was applying for a BPO job in a company near by.  Tapos noong na-hire ako, lagi ko na s’yang tinatambayan.



Gusto ko ang ambiance ng branch na ito because it very spacious, dahil mayroon s’yang dalawang floor. Mayroon s’yang touch of Filipino on some of its wall designs. But among all the things I appreciate here is this tower of pictures of, I believe, their staff.


Ayun nga lang every rush hour, coffee breaks, and lunch break ng mga office workers, laging box office ang pila at occupied lahat ng chairs and tables. But let the rush hour pass, and this branch is a perfect place to be at. Usually, around 9PM onward it’s already peaceful, except kung may promo sila.


Baristas are very accommodating naman, and the way they prepare my drink is I think is at their standard naman. So good job!

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Sky Is The Limit

Vol. 1 No. 34

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Ayan mga Coffee addicts, bukas na ang Coffee Shop, este, Kape Shap ni Tim Creamer! Mas magiging flavorful na ang adventures ng magbabarkada ngayon.

Subaybayan ang pinoy comic adventures nina Milk and Coffee dito lamang sa The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee.

Abangan n’yo din ang aming pagbisita sa iba’t ibang coffee shop dito sa Metro Manila.



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Starbucks: 32nd Street, BGC

Okay, so the adventure starts here. This time, Seryoso na ito! I’m going to check the Starbucks around Metro Manila, and soon Starbucks in the Philippines na rin. We’ll see.
32nd Street Starbucks

Blog By: Coffee
Taong Pinaglihi sa Kape, Kulay Kape
At Lasang Kape (Well!)/Creator

Ito actually ang pinaka-malapit na Starbucks sa office ko (click here for directions). It’s found along the 32nd street corner 7th avenue in BGC. Ang landmark na kailangan mong tandaan ay ang Globe Tower. Tatawid ka lang ‘yun na.
Kung may kotse ka, and if you’re coming from the Market, Market, just go straight along the 32nd street then turn right to 9th avenue, and Left to Lane R. There’s a paid parking right over there if you want to stay; or if you’re on-the-go, this Starbucks has a drive-thru.
32nd Street Starbucks
Medyo crowded s’ya lalo na kapag morning and lunch ng weekdays, at ngayon lang ang pinakamagandang chance ko na makuhaan ang lugar ng picture dahil konti ang tao due to APEC Holidays. But as you can see, it’s a cool Starbucks branch to hang out at. The place is very spacious. Outside, they have chairs, table and couch, which is a good smoking area. While inside, the have two floors. Ground floor got long table and set of stools that are perfect talaga sa target market nila, the employees who make chismisan meetings. Second floor is perfect close conversation naman. Smaller space but it’s still good.
32nd Street Starbucks
I experienced going both daylight and evening and the ambiance fits the place, busy pero posh pa din. Nahiya naman ako sa Chandelier nila, ‘di ba?
32nd Street Starbucks
Food and drinks are served well naman as expected from different Starbucks Store.
Am I visiting this store again? Well, not during weekdays, I guess. Pero since sila ng malapit na Starbucks sa office namin, then go-go-go lang ako. Coffee-over-Arte ito!
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Starbucks Stickers

It’s the start again of the craze! But don’t you think it isn’t economical to collect stickers from Starbucks for the sake of a planner?


Blog By: Tim Creamer
Ingleserong Best Friend ni Coffee/
Gummy Bear Lover/I’m planted here in the US


Coffee and I have been addicted to this ever since it started. I remembered that I gained convincing power to get my friends buying and collecting stickers for me, so as for Coffee. I also spent a lot of bucks for this sake, that’s why I got caffeine-intoxicated blood plus the love handles. But I still love drinking coffee so I guess it won’t really stop.

For those who don’t know, every last quarter of the year, Starbucks Philippines got this promotion of making their customers collect stickers in exchange for the upcoming year’s planner. In average, you will need to collect 18 stickers – 9 Christmas Edition Drinks and 9 core beverages. And usually, a coffee per cup price range is from 120 to 200* (it depends on sizes and add-ons). In total that’s roughly Php 2,160 to 3600* just to get a planner. And people are really biting it to the point they go to Starbucks every single day, and sometimes, take the long queue just to complete the stickers ASAP.

(*This is my own math. Price range could be lower or higher. It really depends on the drink and add-ons.)

Now, going back to the question, “Is it economical to collect stickers from Starbucks for the sake of a planner?”  What would be my answer?

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