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Top 7 Things You Can Do Better During Rainy Days

Rainy Days are the most boring days for some, but it could be an awesome season if only we know how to deal with it and make use simple stuff to make it more fun. Just go through this list and you’ll never see the rainy season the same way again:

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Sino Ang Pipiliin Mo?


Marahil ito na ang pinaka-intense na national election, kung saan mamimili tayo ng ihahalal na mamumuno sa ating pinakamamahal na bansa, ang Pilipinas!

Blog By: Coffee

Taong Pinaglihi sa Kape, Kulay Kape
At Lasang Kape (Well!)/Creator of TZCAOMAC

Tara at magkape tayo! Pag-usapan natin ‘to!

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Coffee Shops

KAPE SHAP FEATURES – “LUNA Specialty Coffee”

I’m sorry guys! I’m a hour late. But just as promised, you can get the treat that you want today as a reward for working so hard on our Cosmic Caffeine Saga project. So get inside, give them your order and let’s get it on.

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_LUNA (1)

Okay! This is going to be the second coffee shop we’re visiting this year.  And we will be featuring…

Luna Specialty Coffee at NAC Tower 32nd Street BGC, Taguig City.


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Coffee Shops

Kape Shap Features – “Costa Coffee Philippines – BGC”

Welcome to the “Kape Shap Features” section of The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee.

As part of our New Year’s Resolution, we’re gonna feature cool Coffee Shops around the metro to check how their shops look like, what’s in their menu, how to get there, and taste a random-pick drink to get them rated.

First in our list, COSTA COFFEE at the 32nd Street, One World Place, Bonifacio City!!! (Yay!)

Milk_And_Coffee_Coffee_Shop_Philippines_COSTACOFFEE (1)

To start, I posted a screen grab from Google Maps to show where it’s exactly located. Landmarks I’ve seen: Open-field in front and construction right beside the One World Place Building. To get there going from Market-Market, just head straight-ahead to 32nd Street. (Click the photo below for a larger view).

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