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TZCAOMAC T-Shirt Winners

Okay. We’re done with the electronic raffle at nakapili na kami ng dalawang nanalo ng TZCAOMAC “All Cast” T-shirt.


Marami rin ang nag-Like at Share na readers namin, at ito ang nasa likod ng matagumpay na promotion na nagbigay sa amin ng tumatayang 500+ likes sa aming Facebook page. Ngayon nasa mahigit 700 na ang aming Likes, kaya tuwang- tuwa kami sa team. Siyempre lubus-lubos din ang pasasalamat ko dahil sa suporta na ibinigay ninyo sa amin.

At dahil d’yan itutuloy namin ang pamimigay ng shirt sa December 5 na may parehong tema na “Like. Like. Share”.

Kaya tuluy-tuloy lang ang pagbabasa at pag-like and share. Bisitahin ang aming Facebook page at Twitter at antabayanan ang aming mga episodes.

CONGRATULATION muli kina Ken at Christopher!!!


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TZCAOMAC Shirt Giveaway!!!


After the long wait, it’s finally here!

Ang ‘The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee’ ay mamimigay ng t-shirts para 2 maswerteng readers ngayong Nobyembre at 2 readers din para sa buwan ng Disyembre.

Madali lang ang mechanics:

Tandaan lamang ang “Like, Like and Share”

1. I-like lamang ang ‘The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee’ page sa Facebook (I-click ito)
2. Mamili ng isa sa mga paborito mong “episode” o “Coffee Shot of The Day” o “Who Got Milk?” o “Wake-up Call with Tess
(For example, Vol. 1 No. 1 – Piano vs. Saxophone)
3. I-like ang mismong picture.
4. I-share ito (Tandaan: Hindi kailangan i-share lahat. Isa lang pwede na! Pero kung bet n’yong i-like and share lahat, why not?)

Promo Period:
Para sa November, ito ay magsisimula sa November 07 at matatapos sa November 14. Ia-announce ang 2 winner sa November 18.
Para sa December, ito ay magsisimula sa December 05 at matatapos ng December 12. Ia-announce ang 2 winner sa December 16.


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What’s Inside the Bigger Coffee?

In a short period of time, I was able to hide myself in a piece of heart-shaped shades. I was able to reinvent myself, become more fashionable, and I have created a new identity both reality and in cartoon world!

The feeling is somehow amazing because I feel like my identity is kept safe, despite the fact that I’m trying to make my artworks prominent in the internet. Because of this heart-shaped shades I bought from a known designer shades manufacturer, I feel more comfortable being myself in this field of art.

Before I created TZCAOMAC, especially my mini me Coffee, I’ve created a couple of drawings that I can consider the expressions of myself inside, bursting in colors.


My Universe 2

My Universe 1


If Coffee is the comedian side of me, these drawings are the dramatic side. They are the story of me being a hybrid introvert.

I’m continuing to create more art out of this identity. I will post it every now and then, and maybe I’ll wish that you like them too.


Follow the crazy adventures of Milk and Coffee and their friends here at ‘The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee‘.  Soon, I will be announcing the mechanics how to get the T-shirts! So for you who love Filipino comics, kindly follow us in our social media accounts:

Twitter and Facebook!

Kung gusto n’yong mag-catch up sa aming episodes, just click this link Volume 1 para sa buong Volume 1 ng aming adventures.

Don’t forget to like and share!

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The E = MC^2 in your Coffee Drink


Coffee has lots of benefits to our body. It wake us up during the most important part of the day or it makes us relax in our chilling hours.

Coffee, however, can do also some harm in our body if consume too much or if we overload ourselves with sugar. And there’s palpitation and irregularity in our sleeping pattern consequence for it.

But regardless of how we consume coffee, we cannot deny the fact that it’s really good and addicting.

Here are some tips and tricks though how to enjoy this wonder potion:

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